Quality Use of Medicines: Ensuring Australians use medicine wisely
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  • New! You can now search the QUMmap by the researchers and project officers associated with each project. You can do this in the search field here on the Home Page or you can search for specific people using the Advanced Search facility.
  • The QUM Resources page has been updated. It now has links to 37 sites with QUM information!
  • The QUMmap has 52 new registered users in 2011, and over 350 new projects have been added in 2010/2011.
Mapping Quality Medicine Use Initiatives

The aim of QUMMAP is to provide a comprehensive map of current major quality use of medicines (QUM) initiatives in Australia. The QUMmap provides information on existing resources, expertise and complementary work for people working in the QUM area.

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Contributions are sought from any investigator involved in activities that aim to improve the way people use medicines, or improve the management of conditions that require medications. Projects or activities eligible for inclusion in the database are those that have, or include as a major component, a focus on improving or supporting the quality of medication use in Australia.

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QUMMAP was developed with funding from the

Department of Health and Aging

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