Polished Concrete Floors

Certi-Shine is the best Polished Concrete System in the world and delivers a strong surface up to 10 times stronger than untreated concrete.  This means that your polished concrete floor is highly durable and will will last well into the future.

With the Certi-Shine system, a higher level of polish is achievable, and with a manufacturers warranty for 20 years (the only guarantee of this type in the world for flooring systems), you can be sure that the gloss will last the distance.

Eco-friendly Epoxy Flooring

The world is gradually embracing eco-friendly structures, including polished concrete floors. They’re excellent in energy conservation and will conserve heat during the day and emit it at night when it is cold. Moreover, no hazardous chemicals are required when installing and maintaining these floor types. Polished concrete floors have been known to enhance the ambience and air circulation indoors.

Perfect for industrial surfaces too

It is clear that surfaces in industrial areas and warehouses require super-strong, durable and elegant surfaces. But although the other types of surfaces can’t reliably guarantee these three features, concrete grinding the surfaces to perform excellently. A concrete floor is low in vibration and high in noise absorption, two valuable factors in choosing a flooring material there. Concrete floors also leave no tire marks, and as long as the right maintenance is granted, longevity will never be compromised. But remember, a key to all these starts with choosing the best suitable installer.

All treatments used are green and eco-friendly!  This means that concrete polishing is an environmentally friendly, and sustainable flooring system.

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Polished Concrete Floors are suitable for many applications including Residential, Industrial, Commercial, Hospitals and Medical Areas, Retail, Public and Outdoor areas and anywhere that a highly durable, easy to clean surface is required.